Why consider psychotherapy?

According to the California Psychological Association, people seek psychological help if they feel


  • helpless
  • blue 
  • sad
  • nervous
  • tense
  • stressed
  • angry
  • depressed or
  • overwhelmed


They may have trouble making decisions, are concerned about mood change, or feel dissatisfied with life




They may be concerned about a child or other family member or spouse.

Focus on divorce prevention:  


When couples are thinking about marriage, it is wise to include some sessions with a psychologist.  Psychotherapy helps individuals and couples identify strengths and weaknesses in relationships.  Particular attention is given to a healthy understanding of anger and the need to develop effective conflict resolution skills, given the fact that many people believe that anger is a negative emotion and should be avoided at all costs.


Some individuals may feel guilty about their anger and try to supress it. However, anger is a normal emotion which can shed light on important issues.

Through psychotherapy, Dr. Silva-Palacios helps patients learn to identify the healthy and growth-producing aspects of anger so they can use this powerful emotion as an ally in their daily lives.


Similar help is offered to couples as they strive to create strong marital bonds which will carry them through the various seasons of life.